Damien, 1080i of course is


Damien, 1080i of course is interlaced, meaning that the image is comprised of horizontal lines divided into odd (1,3,5,7, etc) and even (2,4,6,8, etc.) lines which are alternately played at 30 fps. The resulting image, of course, has jaggies and when you want to smooth the image out you “de-interlace” to remove this stair-stepping problem sometimes successfully, sometimes not so great. Forgive me if you already know that, but my assumption of your lack of awareness came when you asked about “de-interlacing” progressive scan images. You don’t.

So, if you shoot 1080p on your fx1000 there’s nothing to de-interlace, so to speak.

Thus, if you shoot 1080P on the 1000, to keep things simply, you should shoot the same on the EX1. Now, I’m not at ALL familiar with either camera, but the convention is the same and I think my logic is sound for keeping your footage and editing efforts simple. If both shoot 1080i and you want to shoot that, keep them the same.

Progressive will give you cleaner super slow motion, regardless of the software used.

Any of you guys who have a better handle on this please pipe in, and DO correct the above if I’m all wet here.

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