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Yes this technology is definitely out of the bottle but I don’t think it will run 35mm and RED shooters off permanently. There are still plenty of name brand pros out there turning out great product and while there is still demand for their skills with the existing tech they’ll be around for a while.

The thing that makes the DSLR’s so interesting is what you see now is nowhere near what their ultimate form will be. Both photog’s and filmmakers are getting the ‘kinks’ worked out with the production and post workflow issues using these rigs. For filmmakers to get the real bennie’s you’ll have to get secondary gear like external mics/recorders, mattebox rigs, viewfinders and portable monitors. Cool thing is though that is a chunk of change, it’s not even close what it would cost to rig up a dedicated video cam with a similar setup and it’s lighter.

Image wise the MkII has a bigger image working area than a Super 35. The 7D is the same size as a Super 35 and the MkIV is slightly bigger. The MkII is the equivalent of a 5k camera where the most commonly used RED’s are 2 and 4k. The MkIV is the most expensive of the three but you could still buy two bodies, two good lenses and some support gear for what you would pay for just the body of one RED.

I’m not familiar with the Pentax line, but have used their medium format cameras and they were quite good. I’m sure just like Nikon and Sony, they’ve invested their extensive knowledge into their offerings. Personally, I would like to have the MkII but am on the fence between the 7D and the MkIV as they have a few more tech issues worked out.

I hear Indie Filmmakers gushing over the RED which is a phenomenal camera, but if you blow your budget on renting a rig that you could take the same money and get multiple DSLR’s that can do the same job and go more places with it that just seems smarter. I’m done with that whole ‘dump money on it’ attitude of production. These new cameras are just the shape of things to come.

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