D0n, Those are nice setups



Those are nice setups. I like the touch with the mirrors. They can be a PIA for both as an unforgiving reflective surface and potential lighting hazard. When done well, it’s pretty cool.

Yeah WB isn’t that tough, but you should see the screens go blank when I’m teaching the theory side of it! I don’t feel bad because I had similar levels of smoke coming out of my ears when I first learned it. However, student’s get the picture when you let them purposely shoot at the wrong color temp.

Concerning CF Bulbs, man I dig them! That Daylight bulb you used was 6500k (if bought off the shelf.) Makes for perfect simulated sunlight on the cheap. I’ve seen 200w equivalent CF bulbs, but only as 3-way style units. The biggest I’ve seen so far is the 300w equivalent (and they are large.) Indoor only so far as I have yet to find a credible (and inexpensive) source for the Daylight version.

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