:D Some really good ideas


πŸ˜€ Some really good ideas from you all. I appreciate the time you took to respond as I plod through this. Is the typical capture method one of those boxes with analog and digital capture for $150-200 pretty adequate for what I am doing? I hear using the motherboard connectors for video can affect processor and computer operations more, or is that untrue?

I am thinking motherboard wise either SLI with two 256 mb cards or normal with or one 512 mb. Seems like of you go sli you lose a PCI slot, since there are two video slots in mobo. But in a year, with sli, if you lose a video card, you have to replace it with an exact so they match. I have been looking at the Asus p5w DH Deluxe, but in manyu cases you have to flash the bios. Any recommendations for Core Two Duo mother boards? Reliability is more of a factor for me than screeching performance.

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