Cyberlink: Of course, you


Cyberlink: Of course, you will lose a lot of resolution if you convert from AVCHD to DV-AVI (you will be going from HD to standard definition).

There are two types of AVI formats: Windows AVI and DV-AVI. I am not an expert with Windows AVI, but DV-AVI is a raw (nearly uncompressed) video format. Both DV and HDV camcorders use this format. The reliability of DV-AVI is that you do not lose quality in the processwhen convertingStandard or HD video.

Like Cyberlink said, if your editing software supports AVCHD, there is no need to convert. If you need to convert, however, DV-AVI is probably the best choice to ensure no loss.

Yeeman: Doesn’t AVI files burn to DVD discs ? AVI is better quality than MPEG-2 ?

Good question -MPEG-2 video is compressed; DV-AVI is not. If you think about it though, there is probably no noticeable difference. MPEG-2 generally takes longer to encode and export, while AVI would take longer to import. Computers cannot capture from DV camcorders any faster than the tape can play, so there is no need for compressed video. All DVDs use their special codec, so all content burned to DVDs is converted to MPEG-2.

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