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My website is not webvids.com X-D it’s http://www.wedclip.com

Yes, when you commit to delivering very high bandwidth applications online you have 2 charges. 1 for storage and 1 for delivery. It turns out that storage is very cheap; the bandwidth charges are the expensive ones. I cannot afford to give media away for free, even youTube can’t afford it forever, that’s why they are beginning to advertise to offset their charges. If you are planning to deliver media online you have to first create a solid business plan for getting revenue from your website. While it can be fun to give away your talent to football students or family, you pay for what you are giving away. My monthly bandwidth charges when I first began ranged from $300 – 500 for delivery. As time goes on people never watch less media, they continue to watch more. They return and watch things they like. They tell their peers about things they find interesting. My business plan is charging a set value for media. I sell both Business to Business and Business to Consumer. I package compression, online delivery, password protection, and a guestbook inside my charges to offset my cost. Most times I make money, on popular media I always lose money. People who purchase from me see the value in letting a web developer create a polished, efficient solution, they know that it is expensive to create this on their own, and are willing to pay for convenience.

You can always be generous and continue to do work for free for everyone who asks by paying for all this yourself. It’s very common in the video industry. I’m a web developer, it’s also very common in the computer industry. When you are professional and good at what you do people around you feel as if you would do free services for them, because they know you so well and it won’t really take up too much of your time, and your experience would increase by giving away free services. The risk you run is that they get upset when they can’t get more, "But youTube and googleVideo are giving things for free, why can’t you? " The honest answer to that is google and youTube are gaining new eyes which can sell more advertising. I’m a sucker; I still do a lot of work for friends and family because I fundamentally believe that unless they see good work they won’t pay my peers for that quality of work.

I don’t envy your position with your family, I would bow out of the responsibility early before people think you owe them. Plan on setting aside $100/month and about 10-20 hours to support them so that you can provide this service for them initially. This would be for their 5 minute baby and doggie clips after they have been converted from raw video to an efficient codec. Your job in this is to set up the online converter, probably ffmpeg like youTube and google, the password protection, pay for the bandwidth and storage costs, and come off looking like the nice person you are. It will only cost you $1200 a year and 100 hours of your time in the beginning. The cost will rise exponentially as they put up more media and consume it on your dollar. I see no real business model here, it’s philanthropy. I admire philanthropists. They provide valuable knowledge and guidance to build successful communities. Why Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are devoting hundreds of hours each year and billions of dollars to create real solutions for ridding the world of disease. Let me know how you decide to make this work for you!!! πŸ˜€

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