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I’d be curious which ISP you’re using to get those high bandwidth limits. You are saying you are allowed 3 1/2 terabytes of data per month. From my experience that should run you about $600 monthly at current average dependable ISP prices for late 2007, less money if you have relationships with dedicated high volume hosting solutions.

15Gb/month seems like a correct initial point to jump from, but I don’t follow your 3500Gb/month statistic. Are you sure it’s not 350Gb/month? At 3500 Gb you could run a peer to peer network.

A bit curious to me is, how did you go from not being able to afford family hosting and just starting a video service to serving a thousand videos per month? Your math is correct, but you exponentially upped your video requirements in 2 posts, from novice to super advanced user. Just trying to follow along, I don’t get it.

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