Cshultz, NTSC is 29.97 to



NTSC is 29.97 to be exact. Even when you shoot at a 30p frame rate, it gets knocked down to 29.97. I don’t believe the camera Clay’s using has the 29.97 setting that you suggested.


After reading your last message and rereading your earlier one’s, I agree with your editor friend. Have you watched the uncompressed clips on a tv prior to burning them? I see you mentioned looking at them on a tv. Also, you say you have a flatscreen but what’s the scan type, progressive or interlaced? As I mentioned if your tv is progressive you’ll see the jagged lines from interlacing.

Okay, I looked up your camera and that pf24 frame rate is actually 24p over 60i so interlacing is being introduced. Like I said, you can use deinterlacing but it won’t get rid of it all. My advice would be not to use that frame rate. It would seem that Elements can’t handle it to get a result closer to what your looking for. Actually, it’s better to shoot in the camera’s native framerate and then try to convert to 24p if it’s going to work at all. That is if you need it to be 24p at all.

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