cschultz, would you recomm


cschultz, would you recommend using the “pre-cut” Avery sheets or just print on normal paper (or something a little heavier but cheaper than the pre-cut)? I have used inserts before, mainly memorex, and truthfully almpst prefer how the printing looks on normal paper. The only advantage is the perforated design making it easy to trim and fit in a DVD case.

Also do you mean you have to print 2 times? Using Photoshop then Illustrator? I am a bit confused on that. I don’t see a way to save an illustrator file as photoshop file or vice versa. Then I would be afraid what I have created would not look well without having everything laid out in one file and just guessing how the end product will look.

I do HD video and the stills I have printed before look fine so I am not worried on that end. I would still be willing to pay for a basic template that looks sharp that I could then just swap out photos and modify the text for each wedding.

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