Cristo, I concur with Shaw



I concur with Shawn’s advice. I would not recommend having a laptop for gaming and editing. The requirements for both are different. Used to be gaming GPU’s were a great alternative for video editing. Now, Premiere has changed the game and it’s all about ‘workstation-class’ video cards. To take advantage of the Mercury Playback Engine, you’ll need an NVIDIA workstation rated card which as Shawn mentioned is listed on the Adobe Premiere Pro system requirements page.

Editing requires many more computer resources and requires regular maintenance. You want to keep your maindrive clutter-free as possible to cut down on data log jams when editing. Games take up massive data resources especially if you’re an online gamer. Also, gaming will wear your laptop out sooner than will editing. Besides, if something happens to your maindrive because of a gaming malfunction there’s the potential of the laptop losing the capacity to edit. That would suck if you had a project in pocket and decided to take a break to play LOTR with your bro’s online and some bug gassed your harddrive.

Food for thought.

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