Creating progressive scan


Creating progressive scan video is usually done at camera level. You actually shoot your video in a progressive mode. Not all cameras can do this. If you shot in normal mode, I’m not really sure if you can do anything about it after the fact. There might be encoders out there that can do something but I’m not sure. Maybe someone else can pipe in.

For your second question, I guess that’s really up to you. There is no right or wrong answer. I guess if I knew that I wanted to play this on a widescreen then why wouldn’t I edit it in 16:9. Just remember that you are stuck with bars on 4:3 TV’s.

Keep in mind that you’ll lose some resolution, some quality and some screen real-estate if you’re taking 4:3 DV footage and trying to turn it into 16:9. All your software is really doing is blowing up the picture and then cutting the top, bottom and sides off to give you your 16:9 screen. Most cameras have a kind of fake 16:9 setting which is more or less just re-arranging the screen frame real-estate or adding some guides in the viewfinder. Only the higher end expensive cameras have true 16:9 with optimal resolution. Just remember to make sure all settings are correct up front if you know you are going with 16:9.


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