Crafters, I took a look at



I took a look at those lights of Alex and they are quite nice! However, the ‘Spiderlight’ knock off is just plain heavy! If you’re only planning on using it as a floor light it will work out. If you’re wanting to mount that puppy, you’ll have to redesign it so you can mount it on a solid C-Stand which will cost more than what you paid for the light fixture!

The softbox was also nice, but has a similar problem with weight and balance. You would want to mount a nice looking light like that no doubt! I am thankful that he mentioned the Cloroplast because I’ve been trying to find that stuff for over a year!

Now I’ve built a couple of softboxes based on Victor Milt’s ‘Nano-light’ design with some minor improvements. Here’s a link to a chap who built a 10 light version of the Nano and designed it to be lightweight and mountable.

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