Crae, I recently picked up



I recently picked up an H1 to get sync audio with my ‘happy snaps’ I use for crash cams. For $99 it’s a pretty good recorder. Though not gassed up like the H2 or H4n, it’s simple to use and gets great audio. Now, on the ‘eh’ end the H1 is not a sturdy piece of gear and it is sen-si-tive to every little thing if you leave it in auto mode (which is atrocious BTW.)

Once you put it in manual levels it’s a night and day difference (for the better) when it comes to recording. It will still be sensitive, but not as bad. You’ll have to get a windscreen for it and that’s non-negotiable.

Also it uses micro SD cards so make sure you put one in that has high capacity so you don’t have to take it out in an uncontrolled environment. Those cards are tiny and all it would take is one gust of wind…. You will also need some kind of shoe mount and bracket or other kind of mounting device because it’s too sensitive to hand hold.

There are a number of other devices, but the H1 is what I have direct experience with. Good luck in your hunt!

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