crae10, as far asinterview


crae10, as far asinterviewing someone while sitting down at a table (‘table top tripod’), my suggestion would be to have your questions written down and follow your script whileinterviewing, allow interviewee to answer uninterupted. Set up your camcorder focused on your subject with alavalier on your subject hard wired to your camcorder (for best sound). After the interview is completed dismiss the subject and reverse the camcorder to focus on yourself. Hard-wired lavalier on you and record your questions, also record yourself nodding your head or other types of reactions. All this will be joined together in post. You mentioned a wired microphone with a mono to stereo adapter, is this permanently attached? Adding an adapter might add the possibility of unwanted noise. You can copy the audio from one track to the other in post to fill theboth tracks. You mentioned the Zoom H1, I own the Zoom H2 and find it very useful with it’s two front facing microphones and two rear facing ones.This could be useful recording both sides of a standupinterview.I also have used a Radio Shack lavalier microphone (model 33-3013), inexpensive and pretty good results. Hopefully this helps you interviewing as a one-man-band.

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