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Just about last year at this time I started getting into podcasts, both listening and creating. One of the freshest I’ve heard was from this American guy who taught video techniquest at Baumholder high school, in Germany. It is a different mix, hearing that he is podcasting from Germany and yet he has a slightly Southern, American accent. He titled it DV Teacher’s podcast, and he related how he is using videography to teach high school students. Within the 23 podcasts, he talked about how students learned, what the assignments were, and some of the projects they created. Each one is about 1/2 hour long, and what you get for the price of a free download is his knowledge. Invaluable information. Unfortunately he started the podcasts near the end of December 2005, and by mid 2006 he decided to retire from the German school. He stated that he moved back to the United States to Tennessee, I think, but no podcasts have been put up since that time. Incredible resource, for anyone in the teaching field; I hope it is of help to you.

Please ask in this forum if you need to know anything about podcasts; basically they are mp3 audio files which your audio player automatically updates when the author puts new ones online. Unfortunately in this case I think the author has moved on, but still an amazing resource.


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