Course not. My point is that


Course not. My point is that you cannot have a passion and not have done it. I commend you for giving it a try, that’s good – but it isn’t a passion, it’s just interest. You did the movie and it went wrong, so why didn’t you find a solution, or simply moved on to movie 2?

Until you have tried editing, how do you know you have it? I have Premiere, and have edited with it since around 1996. I still don’t ever call myself an editor – I do it because it pays the bills!

My music, video sound and lighting business is doing OK, and my Son tried it for a while and was very good at it – ending up running 3D huge screen projects with projectors valued at over a million quid – however, he now sells cars because the pay is regular and he’s better off. Nowhere near as fun, but try getting a mortgage with a self-employed label.

So I am not saying don’t do it, in fact I urge you to give it a go – but your list of things you have tried is pretty big, so it suggests you rush in and get put off easily.

Reputation is everything. You want to get known as the person who is reliable and gets’ things done.

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