couple things. firmware th


couple things.

firmware thanks for the batch file. kicks butt. but the main problem persists. wide screen video doesn’t display correctly, it’s still stretched to 4:3

In adobe premier 3 the mod file work great. the widescreen problem is fixed by.

after importing the files right click on the track or group of tracks select interpret footage, SELCT conform to: NTSC 16:9(1.2). using premeir to make dvds and dvd quality video is great. The problem come when trying to render down to internet streaming quality. Maybe someone has a solution but for me the progressive scanning used by the mod isn’t rendered right and the horizontal lines are separated, very unwatchable.

For internet streaming video I just use the power director that came with it which you’ve probably found to have much to be desired as far as usability like sound edit features but file are read correctly and low quality video comes out just fine

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