Couple of questions: 1) Ho


Couple of questions:

1) How new is your DVD player? Newer ones will upconvert a standard DVD (720 X 480 @ 29.97i) to look better on a HD TV. Older players don’t do this.

2) Are you burning the DVD properly? If you’re shooting in HD I will assume it’s 16:9 so are you a) rendering out an MPEG-2 stream as a SD Widescreen project and b) burning it as the same?

It also might behoove you to get a BluRay writer (about $400 from which will allow Vegas Pro 8 or DVD Architect Pro 5 to author truly HD BluRay discs. This is not an option from the Movie Studio versions however, but since you’ve laid out a bundle on HD equipment already, what’s another few hundred and the software is well worth it ( has a great deal for Vegas Pro 8 plus VASST’s DVD training for $400 –

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