Could you define what


Could you define what "expensive" is? And what "cheesy" is?


When you say "young" videographer, maybe you could define that too. I've not encountered any young film school graduates that can afford to invest upwards of $20,000 into quality video gear when many are carrying student loans that are greater than my mortgage.


I speak only for myself, but I know there are others on here that will agree your posting belongs on Craigslist. Lots of people post there looking for cheap service and get what they pay for – or nothing at all.


The Videomaker forums are populated by a lot of creative people that are making either a part-time or full-time living shooting video, and when someone complains about videography being expensive, we tend to react negatively. It's akin to your boss coming to you and asking you to take a reduction in pay for a few weeks because he doesn't think you're really worth what he's paying you.


I mentioned $20,000 as the amount of investment into equipment but for many, it can be double or triple, or even more than that number. There are the other costs that a functioning businesses has to deal with – taxes, fees, utilities, and more.


Congratulations on your wedding, I hope all goes well. Even a small one requires many hours of planning and attending to details. But, please be realistic when looking for professionals, whether videographers, DJs or others in the wedding business. We all need to make the rent each month and assuming someone "young" will offer discounted service is really short sighted and a bit insulting.

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