Cory, if youcheckoutprevio


Cory, if youcheckoutprevious posts on this forum, you willfind lots of posts about lighting. Look intoposts about 3 point lighting. You will also find postsincluding some less expensive alternatives for supplemental lighting. For example, simple work lights, clamp lights you will find at big box hardware stores can be used perhaps substituting CFLS in the fixture to keep heat and energy usage down. There are even videos about setting up a studio with lighting to shoot your video. Adding lighting should help eliminate the graininess when shooting in low light. I checked out the link about your camcorder and I didn’t see any reference to an external microphone plugin. Any external microphones (boom, lavalier, wired or wireless) would have to be connected to an external audio recording device (Zoom and other brands in the $100-$200 range)and the resulting audio would have to be synced in the editing. There is the possibliity of a workaround as pseudo mentioned. If you have the do-it-yourself ability, you could add your own mic jack to your camera. Possible but I recommend you proceed very carefully. Good luck and keep shooting.

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