Corey: Thanks so much for


Thanks so much for the reply.
My Video camera is a Panasonic VDR-D300, I don think it has fire wire.

I have been recording in VR format, that could be be the problem, I have not tried in video format yet.

I had been using the software that came with the camera to read the dvd via USB from the camera. Then import the resulting MPEGS into Permier elements. After editng them and creating DVD the quality was pretty bad.

Then tried converting the DVD to MPEGS using nero, the resulting DVD out of premier has much better quality.

I was saving the clips at most 3 times, the inital conversion to mpeg, the edit and save of a clip, the assembly of all clips and then dvd creation.

I am trying to figure out if I need to use the deinterlace feature in premier or not. I dont think the MPEGS are progressive, is there a way to tell? Should I just always use the deinterlace feature?

I dont see an import->project under file, is there another way to access this feature?
Could you elaborate on a new sequence?

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