Corey – I ended up purchas


Corey – I ended up purchasing the used VX2100 about a week ago and have tested it alongside my PC1000. The difference in low lightperformace is amazing. The VX2100 is far superior and I’m happy with the purchase since this was my main concern.

A quick question – I just purchased a lavalier mic (Audio-Technica ATR-35S). Many of the reviews noted its a mono mic and an adapter is needed for full stereo sound(mono to stereo adapter) . I tested the mic and it worked great. I then plugged headphonesinto the camera and played back the tape to check the audio. I was able to hear full stereo sound inboth earpieces (left/right). If it was a mono mic, wouldnt it only playback sound in1 earpiece (left orright channel)?Not sure if I needed to pickup the adapter. Thanks.

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