Coreece, Our current build



Our current build sports an EVGA nForce 780i mobo. Nice board, only beef is I would have preferred one less video card slot for one more PCI slot. We use two pny GeoForce 8800GT’s 512MB overclocked cards and 8GB’s of SLI ready RAM. Renders for HD, Mographics and 3D flyby now. I wish I could have had this rig 5 years ago!

We went with a straight IntelQuad Core 2.4Ghz overclocked to 2.8Ghz. Could have cranked it to 3.0 but want it to last more than 3 years!

Oh and Chris,

When you move to Vista Biz 64-bit, make sure all your old software is compatible. With the 32-bit emulator built into SP1, a lot of old 32-bit programs can function (I’ve got old plug-ins from obsolete systems that work just fine.) If it’s not listed on the manufacturer’s site that it’s compatible, it’s probably not. However, you can do trial and error to see.

Concerning ‘upgrading’ to CS4; much as I love Adobe products, I hate their ‘upgrade merry-go-round’! Jeez, CS3 just came out in early ’07! We bought it in June of ’08 so that there would be supporting literature since Adobe no longer ships hardcopy user manuals. Now they’re on CS4 (and we’ve heard inside info they’re prepping for CS5!) Not gettin’ on the merry-go-round! I’ll probably run for CS5 or 6.

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