Coreece, Great advice your



Great advice your passing out. “…Comparing a Hang Glider to a Space Shuttle“, that’s just funny. Actually, Vegas vs AFX would be more like a Cessna to an F-22 fighter jet. Nuke is more like a Space Shuttle (expensive but damn, the places it will take you….) Not knocking Vegas mind you. It is one mighty handy tool, but despite Premiere’s weaknesses it’s intergration with AFX is a tough combo to beat. BTW, to get rid of the funky ‘A’s’ you have to backspace before you start typing your post. I’ve noticed it cuts down on the ‘A’s’ if I have to edit a post.

BTW, Rob HDV is not bad at all. We shoot with GYHD-200UB’s and at 720p 24p or 60p gets us some phenomenal looking stuff. Yeah, 1080i/p ‘looks better’ because they are on the highest (so far) resolution end of HD. Back to Cessnas and Fighter Jets, HD compared to 2k, 4k, or god forbid 6k looks like ‘dog poop’ in comparison. Until they come up with ‘idiot proof’ consumer cams in 6k, I think a good shooter can produce some knock-out footage in HDV.

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