Coreece: 1) I use Sony FX1



1) I use Sony FX1000, HDV 1080i 16:9.

2) This will be my first experience with HD. Plan is to produce SD DVD of this event as soon as possible (I’m fluent with Ulead mediaStudio), and then, eventually, produce Blu-Ray DVD. For the first step I have to convert HD to SD without quality loss and dark stripes due to different ratio.

3) I did not decide yet onEditing and Authoring software. Tried Sony Vegas – too complicated for learning. Friends will help me with Pinnacle12 and/or Abode Premier.

4) I’m ready to upgrade computer if necessary. I know that Adobe requires at least 4GB of RAM.

5) This is 2.5h footage of theatrical performance that requires very heavy editing (two cameras -main is HDV, but backup is SD and I still try to understang how I can use SD footage for HDV production) for home usage by highly appreciated and demanding friends.


Do you say that any HD video editor can do this?

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