Coreece, when you do edits


Coreece, when you do edits, look for all the weird thingys during your “edit” and click and remove. Used to, when I edited/corrected, and removed paragraph spaces at beginning of each one, they didn’t return, or when I typed and removed them before posting. But NOW, whenever I use dashes, asterisks, bullets, sometimes even quotes, the darn things pop up and I can only remove them during the editing process by physically moving the cursor to them then deleting. The situation has become worse, so the next best thing is to ignore them and let today’s economy be your pet frustration instead πŸ™‚

OK, now I’m going into edit to see what happens. to these , -, ;, *

Got one after the word “during” (What’s with THAT?) and another set of weird thingies including a cents sign and an a with a karat in the …what happens to these, but not with the commas, the dash, semi colon or asterisk. Go figure…

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