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Coolvictor, Paulears and rs170a offer some good advice. Good video is a combination of many elements, not just shooting or editing. Lighting, sound, story and audience expectation also contribute to good video. Building good video production skills is challenging when you are working alone, however, Videomaker has a tremendous library of reference articles and videos on how to develop your technique. The video that rs170a provided shows how well a video story can be made with basic equipment. I also have a reference video showing a beautiful video made on an iphone 4. There are also behind the scenes footage showing that it takes a great amount of effort to produce high quality video. Check it out here:

Without seeing your specific issues its hard to offer advice. You mention you are shooting for a sailing community. That could present many challenges if you are trying to shoot on the water. Can you provide some clips and your comments on where you are having problems. Perhaps we can help you out in that way.

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