Cool… thanks Jerron. Som


Cool… thanks Jerron. Some of the cuts are made to hit with the music, others intro a bit early so that the big hits in the game match with the beats of the music. I’m assuming that’s what you were referring to.

The darkness between some of the shots were done to match with the music, others were actually meant to slow down the pace a bit to help focus a little more on upcoming shots… or at least that was the thought behind some of those. Mostly, it was a beat with the music thing.

The one dissolve i used was to show the cheap shot (of my buddy) and the guy that pointed and trash talked later… there was a good 15 second between the actual cheap shot, and him pointing. It was sort of an ongoing joke between us, so I wanted to show both parts.

I definitely appreciate the suggestions… I’m thinking about removing some of the black between shots and replacing them with ashort clips. Thanks again!

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