Cool- so the 3 watter I wa


Cool- so the 3 watter I was going to buy this week sounds like it might be useful. I’d be afraid with anything bigger of infringing on other people.

I don’t believe they allow tripods at all in the museum. Some places will let you get away with monopods.

The advanced LCD displays that these cameras have are amazing- to the point where the video looks great even in low light- then you view the tape when you get home and you are sometimes disappointed. It takes an experienced eye to recognize that you have to switch to manual and open the aperture- something I’ll try to remember.

We live in central Jersey, so we’re driving in- worst case is I’ll leave something in the car (wouldn’t be the first time). It’s funny- I live two hours away from stuff like this and I go once every 30 years. I still haven’t been to the Statue of Liberty! (!)


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