Converting to Microsoft DV


Converting to Microsoft DV will be better and a bit smaller, DV-AVI files. Those will work fine in Premiere Elements. The biggest problem is that the Xvid files you are wanting to edit are so highly compressed that it won’t take much to seriously effect quality. You really don’t want to edit those files directly anyway and good luck trying to find a good editor for Xvid files anyway. You will lose some quality just in the conversion alone.

AVCHD is becoming a format that is being forced on consumers, not realizing that it takes a super computer to edit them. The average consumer with a dual core or core two duo processor and 1 or 2 gb of RAM will be very dissappointed with the speed of editing these files. They are highly compressed and really not as good as the M2t files you get from a HDV Tape camcorder like the Canon HV20 or HV30. Hard Disk camcorders are popular and the owners don’t really have a choice, but I would think twice before getting one of them it I ever planned on doing any editing πŸ™‚

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