Converting fullscreen to w


Converting fullscreen to widescreen can be tricky until you know how to do it. I’ll try to explain but you will need to experiment with it.

In the video fx folder (I’m not sure in which sub folder) is an fx called "Clip". Drag that filter onto your video clip. In your fx settings pallette, use the sliders to stretch the top and bottom of the picture. I think about 12% each. Yes, the top and bottom of the picture will get cut off. It will look distorted. Export your timeline as a 16:9 file. When you view the 16:9 file, it will be "true" 16:9. There will be black bars on a tv, but those bars are not part of the video. They are put there by the player.

Before you ask, yes your gonna lose part of your picture. How else would you make a square picture rectangular without distorting it?

Also, the filter may be "crop" instead of "clip". I also get those 2 mixed up. 1 will stretch the video while the other will mask it with color (black) bars like in letterboxing. Use the 1 that stretches.

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