Contract, Contract, Contra


Contract, Contract, Contract. Refer back to your contract that he signed.

That is my suggestion. My contract is a 14 page CYA (Cover Your Ass) contract that cover EVERY possible situation. I had a situation just recently. The bride kept wanting me to make all of these changes nearly 2 months after the fact, and she was beginning to get down right nasty.

I gave my bride the Approval copy of her DVD to check for error. I emphasize ERRORS.

2 months and multiple re-edit requests later, she sent me a final email on a Friday that said “This will be my last correction… I promise“.

I emailed her that night after the edit was done, and told her that Everything was complete and that I had already begun the DVD burning and printing and I would have it the next morning.

Lo-and-behold the next morning I get another email from her saying that she would like me to change something. Not an error, but something stupid. She decided that she didn’t like the song playing in the background of one of the dances during the reception and wanted me superimpose a different love song. This re-edit would have taken about 2 hours (with edits, rerendering, re-edit of DVD, etc) but I also had to reload all of herproject files back on the computer and recreate the file structure. As I told her over the phone, there was a time limit for requests for re-edits and I would be removing her project files immediately when I was done. To all of you, I do have backup copies of the tapes and clips, but I removed them from the computer to save space.

I told her that I had already completed the DVD’s, “Just as I had promised in the last email” the night before. And that any further edits would not be possible because of what is stated above.

Later that day she sends me an email. I have included it below:

“I don’t understand.These areour wedding dvds thatwe will have for the rest of our lives, that we paid for. I would really appreciate you fixing this problem.Thanks.”

In response, after speaking with other professionals in my area, I sent her page 7 of my contract that I went over page-for-page and line-by-line with her, the she and the groom signed, and that she has a copy of already.And I refered her to the specific lines and refered to how much time it would take me to make the re-edits.

Her next email was simply. “Send the DVD to. . .”

I have included page 7 of my contract below so you may see what she saw. If anyone would like, I can email you my FULL contract for you to cannibalize how you would like. Just send me a private message. I have had my lawyer look over it and approve.



– The client agrees that Event Videos by Brandon is the exclusive official videographer retained by the client to cover the event.

– If Client contracts with another person or entity to videotape any portion of the event, the Studio has cause to discontinue coverage and no monies will be refunded; or the Client will be charged an additional $300 per hour for each videographer present not associated with Event Videos by Brandon.

– The client grants Event Videos by Brandon full production and editorial control regarding all aspects of this production and post-production services for this event.

– In the event that a particular segment of the event being filmed is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not part of the final edited master, it is at the sole discretion of Event Videos by Brandon.

– If something occurred during the taping of the event that the Client does not want to appear on the final DVD, the client must instruct Event Videos by Brandon, in writing, prior to the start of editing.

– However this does not constitute a right, by the client, to have any production or editorial control or input.

Event Videos by Brandon grants the client absolutely no production or editorial control.



– When editing is complete, the client will be given an approval copy of the final DVD to make Event Videos by Brandon aware of any misspellings, missing names, unintentional omissions, or any other technical errors, as these types of editing errors will be corrected at no charge.

– The client will be notified immediately when the Approval Copy is ready.

– Changes that are not the result of any of the errors stated above, that will be classified a “Major Editing Changes”, are not guaranteed.

– However, if such changes are granted and require more than one (1) hour of editing time, such extra time shall be bill at One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150) per hour.

– If Major Editing Changes are granted, allow an addition four (4) weeks for re-edits.

– Any corrections or changes must be requested within one (1) week upon receipt of approval DVD.

– After one (1) week from delivery of approval DVD, Event Videos by Brandon is not liable for any errors or requested changes.

– Upon the client’s approval of the approval DVD or after the one (1) week time limit has expired, Event Videos by Brandon will require at least an additional one (1) week to prepare the clients final set of DVDs in completed form.



Event Videos by Brandon will make no official estimations on the amount of time it will take to log, capture, and edit the clients final DVD.

– Further, Event Videos by Brandon will make no official estimation as to the delivery date of the Approval DVD to the client.

– Editing times can be affected by options selected and complexity of the wedding.

– Editing times can also be affected by editor illness, injury, computer or technical malfunction, excessive workload, and acts of God, among other unforeseen circumstances.

– Please understand that Event Videos by Brandon strives to make the best possible video for their clients. This effort will take time.

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