“… consumers confuse one


“… consumers confuse one type of media for another, and even further don’t
understand why the “real professionals'” work is cheaper.”


You’re on the right track with this. Potential clients unfamiliar with the production biz have a vague understanding of how Hollywood works in that, a $200M movie costs me $19.99 at Wal-Mart. Forget all of how the $200M went into paying for getting the film made and marketed, they only ‘see’ the end result of a $20 DVD. The fact of a client wanting a project produced in effect turns them into an Executive Producer responsible for the financing of the project also eludes them as they still only see their idea and what they think will be a $20 DVD. I’m sorry Mr. or Ms. Q. Public, this isn’t Hollywood and that initial DVD may end up costing you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars depending on the scope of your ‘idea’.

In initial meetings, I never discuss money despite potential clients attempts to show me ‘how tough they are at negotiating a deal’. You tell me what your idea is and we do a ‘blue sky’ session where the sky’s the limit and you can ‘dance the light fantasitc’ all you want. Then we do a ‘real world’ session and we seriously discuss your ideas around the level of your intended budget. Once I get them ‘down to earth’, then I’ll start discussing the potential costs of producing the project. If their eyes haven’t glazed over by then, I’ll submit a proposal in a few days outlining the prospective budget. If they’re still onboard, we do up a contract based upon the proposed budget.

There are positives and negatives doing it that way, but the greatest benefit is it clears out the ‘suckers’ ASFAP. My co’ got nailed once by a deadbeat and it almost put us out of business. This way only the serious (and fully funded) hang around long enough to go forward.

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