Congratulations on wanting


Congratulations on wanting to go pro for money. There are a thousand wedding videographers out there that warn brides about inexperienced wanna bes.

My 2nd wedding. I shot a short ceremony from right of the alter area, the best spot for this 1 camera shoot from a tripod (fluid head) I hit the start button, recorded the 10 minute ceremony and hit pause. I walked across the room to preview the tape. To my horror, all that was recorded was some great floor shots as I walked across the room to preview the footage. It seemed at the start of the ceremony, I had put the camera in pause, not record.

Making mistakes is inevitable when learning. There are literally 100s of things that can go wrong. You only have one chance to get it right. How much to charge? Charge based on the # of mistakes youve made. The more mistakes, the more money you charge. I get $3 to $4000 a wedding. I have made a lot of mistakes. So before you do #2, do your homework, anticipate potential problems, attend rehearsals and think of the bride.
I assume you are going to use 1 camera. Beware. If so, you cant be in all the right spots at the right moments. Are you working from a tripod or handheld? Both have advantages and disadvantages. I would recommend that you get a Quad Pod Pro video camera support system. With it you will have the versatility mobility and stability you will need to avoid typical amateur mistakes and earn more money.

Best wishes,
Tom Barrera

PS The Ceremony I did in pause! On there way out the door I said, “Waite a minute folks, we have to do it again. They took it well and we did it over, but what if that had been a 1 hour Ceremony.

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