>>Concerning ‘the t


>>Concerning ‘the ticket’, you have to go for the ‘trifecta’ of CPU, RAM and GPU.

Hey, Comp. Thanks! That helps a lot.

So even if I were tobuy the Core Duo Quad and a new GTX 280, since my CPU and motherboard architecture is ‘antiquated’, and since I am limited to four RAM slots,and since I can’t run SLI,it is kind of pointless to pump a lot more money into this particular machine, is that correct? In the long run it would just be better for me to start saving up for a new machine?

But it would be cheaper still just to overclock this puppy, and then save up my pennies for a new “core i8”?

>>FCP is mac only. It and everything else gets smoked by Avid. I don’t use FCP because it’s not cross-platform. On the occasion when I collaborate with someone using it, I’ll do an EDL in premiere and export it to them for finishing. FCP is an excellent NLE program however as it was created by the same person who created Premiere hence it’s striking similarity. Again just like the other NLE’s it has its strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion you get FCP, Vegas, Premiere and a host of others when you can’t afford an Avid setup!

OK, thanks! That answerslots of my questions, but then it raises still others.I was going to ask you about running Boot Camp on a Mac to dual boot between Leopard and Windows, so I could run ‘all four’ (Sony, Adobe, Avid, and FCP). However, if FCP is ‘strikingly similar’to Premiere, and”everything else gets smoked by Avid” and the thought of a Mac makes me wrinkle my noseto start with, then that is kind of pointless, right? In that case, wouldn’t the most intelligent thing be just tolearn Vegas, Adobe and Avid, and stay all PC (like you do)?

But what is it about Avid that ‘smokes’ everything else? How canAvid can ‘smoke’ Premiere with a Matrox RT.X2 inside, when the RT.X2 will allow you to preview/render four layers of HD in real time? Are you referring to something other than the render times? Does it have special keystrokes, or does it ‘get at the heart of the matter’ more quickly, somehow, then Vegas and PPro?

Thank you for your help.


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