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An earlier post suggested letting the sparklers go overexposed, but I think your client will be very disappointed if you blow out all those colors!

Going with automatic exposure is also likely to blow them out. Do a pre-ceremony test and figure where to set exposure to get the bride somewhat while retaining the colors of the sparklers.

I think he’s talking about me! 😉


You know as well as I that when filming a bright light like a sparkler in an all black arena is pretty tough if not impossible. Something is going to suffer no matter what you do. I may have been a little radical but I was more or less just basically making a point. Sure doing a trial run will help but it will be too hard to control that concentrated light ball and still try and hold other images let alone with the proper color. I do like your fill light idea. I thinking that this is the only real solution in shooting a good shot with these circumstances.


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