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Since you are working with over 2.5 hours of HDV footage that you’ll be editing extensively, I would suggest you perform those computer upgrades you weretalking about…No editing program requires 4GB of RAM to operate, but it will definately help.

If you want faster rendering, you’ll need to look into a faster processor and/or 1 or 2 video cards like the nvidia 8800GT or better.

Again, I don’t know what you use, so your current computer may be able to handle this HDV project with just a minimal upgrade if any.

Editing HDV

HDV is an Mpeg2 transport stream file.(m2t file)It’s avery practical compressionformat that looks great and is accepted by most editing applications. If youare performing a simple edit with minimal effects and no color correction you shouldn’t really experience any noticeable quality loss upon final export of your video.

However,if youadd effects or perform color correction to an m2t file, you may experience quality loss upon final export. To eliminateproblems associated with HDV m2t editing, many people use an intermediary codec.

Using an intermediary codec

An intermediary codec like Cineform allows you to capture anAVI file in realtime that will preserve the quality of your HD video while you edit and when you export.

The Cineform HDAVI file will give the results of an uncompressed AVI file which will preserve the visual quality of the original m2t file while maintaing a much smaller file size than an actual uncompressed AVI conversion. Even though the cineform codec will have a much smaller size than an uncompressed AVI, itwill still be slightly larger than the original m2t file, but it will still handle beter in an editing aplication.

Editing/DVD Application

If you like Ulead, Movie studio Pro 8 handles HDV editing. However, I believe you’ll have to upgrade to Video Studio Pro X2 (12) if you want to export to blu ray and other newer formats.

I thought Vegas would be perfect for you, but apparently you don’t like it….

If you like premiere orat least have someone to help you like you mentioned, perhaps that may be the best program for you in the long run.

All these programs along with their DVD applications can accept HDV and output DV if you want.

We can give more detailed advice once you decide which applications you’ll use.

Mixing SD and HD

Programs like Ulead Movie Studio and Vegas will atomatically scale SD and HD videoaccording to the project settings, but some manual adjustments may still be required.

If you are using other programs likePremiere, youwill have to manually resize you footage.

Again, once you choose a program, we can give you more specific instructions.

Converting 16:9 to 4:3

If you want to change 16:9 into 4:3, you are basically changing a rectangle into a more of a square shape. There is no way to change a rectangle into a square without some type of loss. Either you will have to squeeze the rectangle or you’ll have to cut off the ends of the rectangle….the choice is yours.

Each program has slightly different ways to acheive this, but it is possible. If you import an SD clip into an HD project and scale the SD footage to fit the HD parameters and then you exported a lossless file format of that video, you willhardly tell the difference between SD file scaled to HD and the original SD file if…you do it right.As mentioned to you in other posts…there are other programs thatupscale SD footage and will evenaddcolor, but they are not necessary…

When mixing HD, SD 16:9 and 4:3 there will most always be some sort of little adjustment that you’ll probably need to know about…

Everything you want to do is possible….just let me know what software you’re going to use.

I’m sure you have more questions…

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