Computer, NTSC, PAL, whate


Computer, NTSC, PAL, whatever you use for monitoring (with certain understandings in mind) do not alter how your unit’s output is putting out. If you are seeing horizontal lines, pixelation, signal breaking up, dropouts, whatever, then outside of the possibilities that connections, etc. could be problematic, IF everything else is working under normal operational circumstances, then the SUSPECT for the above abnormalities in playback would HAVE to be the unit playing back the tape, nothing to do with resolution, standard definition, high definition, pixels, etc.

If ANY camera, regardless of its capabilities in general, is able to play back your tape, even if it is NOT the one in which the tape was recorded, even if it is a $300 special or a higher priced model, or any of the many decks capable of playing back your recorded miniDV tape, giving you a clean signal – if all your other equipment is working, no matter WHAT you are using as a monitor for the signal – then you are good to go.

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