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Thanks for the welcome!

Yes. Been building Yahoo stores for clients since 2000. Some are still around and some aren’t. Generally the ones that aren’t are the people who didn’t want to pay for advertising.

I’ve broken down the time for each video, compared and crossreferenced what others are charging and should have packages up on my site soon.

Since you do web work yourself, and if you have some time please take a look at for me. I am still working on it and may have to rework quite a bit of it. I helped my buddy with this site… he did the animations and I am converting all of them, preparing them, built the site, etc etc.

I’m trying to determine whether the examples should be .mov’s or if I should make them .wmv’s. instead. If I should remove the watermark or keep it there?

As for the products we have available so far I have our main format’s… NTSC DV AVI’s at 720×480 and Mpeg1 at 320×240. I would like to offer another format for Mac users but not sure which codec to use, or if I’m offering the filetypes editors, presenters, or live production companies need.

I also think I screwed up on the loops page by starting the movie up on the page load but have no feedback one way or the other on that. Well thats not entirely true, our first customer bought our video loops package last month and it didn’t stop them from buying it but I do know that some people are annoyed by video or sound that starts up automatically on page loads.

Our first customer was a pretty cool one. I went to the concert at the UMB Bank Pavillion and saw our products on a huge LED screen and projection screen.

Anyway, if you get time your input would be greatly appreciated.


Axel G.


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