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Since the original poster was looking for examples of the best wedding videographers, to study and since your post is in reply to that, it could be taken as meaning that experience should take the place of learning. Hopefully, that wasn’t what you meant.

😯 Hummm. I kind of confused as to what you are referring too but it could be just a matter of interpretation.

If you read my whole post, I was merely suggesting in the beginning of it that one way one could find out more about what a wedding video should look like would be by looking at other peoples work. I view this as a part of the learning process. Of course instructional materials could also help in some ways too. In the end all I said is that learning from experience will be the ultimate way to get better. When you combine all of these aspects and add in a little artistic flair, one should be well on their way to becoming a good wedding videographer.

I guess Im sitting here wondering how you can get experience in something from not learning about it first? Thats not at all what I meant. You need both!


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