compusolver: Yeah… I su


compusolver: Yeah… I suppose you are right to a certain degree!

I guess the point I was trying to make was that sure, it would look very impressive to the normal person if a camera crew showed up at a wedding with these huge news station style cameras mounted on top of huge tripods. These people would think that these guys must be good versus someone who showed up with smaller less impressive looking equipment.

But it still comes down to the final product. What if the "Big" outfit did a crappy job of shot content and editing. You know, missed out on a lot of those tender "money shots", maybe the sound was lousy thus resulting in a very poor final product. Then there is the smaller guy that is very good that captured the "money shots" did a great job on sound and put together a real nicely edited product.

Chances are that most people that were at the wedding aren’t going to see how well the little guy did with the final product. They are just going to think that the BIG guy must have been better because they had all of the big toys.

In short (yeah right) πŸ™‚ I’m saying that it’s still the final edited product that counts. That’s all.

You are right though that first impressions usually can make a difference. I would also hope that outfits that can afford the super high end equipment know what they’re doing by then too.


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