compusolver Wrote:When usi


compusolver Wrote:

When using two units like the Azden 100 series, we use a Beachtek adapter and plug each unit into its own channel (left/right). When using an Azden 200 etc., it automatically records each mic onto its own channel. So, either way preserves a separate track for each mic. You never want to mix tracks together, if you can avoid it, and if you can’t avoid it, you need a separate sound tech to run the mixing board.

I’m sorry to keep bringing this up. But I am trying to finalize what I need/want to buy. As you you have read from some of my other posts, I have been using digital voice recorders. I’d like to get wireless mics and be set. I like to just use the voice recorders when there is no other option, like in the local Greek Orthodox church (like I stated before) absolutely refused wireless except the one he is already wearing.

Above you stated that the Azden 200 automaticall records to individual channels and either way preserves a separate track for each mic.
I have been looking at the Azden 200ULT package. What do you think?

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