compusolver Wrote:when sho


compusolver Wrote:

when shooting digitaly however you always aim for brighter becuase trying to brighten a dark image will cause grain much more than darkening bright scene.

Actually, my experience has been just the opposite. Too bright and you blow out detail – its lost forever. Too dark (to the same degree – but not to extreme) and you still have detail that can be brought out.

Of course, having to correct anything past a certain degree, creates side effects that can get worse than the original problem.

In short, its always best to expose properly, but to err on the side of underexposure (with digital) is better than overexposure.

I have noticed some of the new high def camera’s can pick up darker scenes better right now we’re still using the DVX but I’ve gotten to play with the HVX and there is a great difference. With the series I’m working on we use a lot of dark gels to add a mysterious dimention so we tend to have to go brighter or else the scene looks black, but really there is no right and wrong just what looks good. πŸ™‚

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