compusolver Wrote:Weddings


compusolver Wrote:

Weddings are probably the worst method if you weigh the time and effort against the income. Wedding videography is probably the easiest way to get into professional video though.

Adam, I’m sticking with this one!

(Adam is a very intelligent, extremely talented videographer, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person.)

We both agree (apparently) that it’s the easiest way to get into video income, but I’m saying that for the time/effort and (especially for newcomers) the stress, it’s the worst, compared to instructional and promo videos for business.

On business shoots, you get to do more than one take. We usually get the storyboard done via phone & email, so it takes just one day on location to do the shoot, as opposed to two days (rehearsal & wedding) for weddings.

The atmosphere during our business shoots is always relaxed and casual, and busineses don’t blink at paying two or three thousand, whereas we seem to top out (here in Oklahoma) at about a thousand dollars for weddings.

So, in my experience, the income is twice as good, compared to hours invested and it feels much less like "work" when we do business shoots.

As for how many years I’ve been in business, I was in the video business for several years in the eighties (including wedding video) and I did photo and film (movies) in the sixties and seventies, but yes am just ending my second year back in the wedding business for this century! πŸ™‚

ok ok. I can’t argue with that (especially the very intelligent, extremely talented part X-D ). I guess I wasn’t thinking in context of better prospects like corporate video (now that I think of it, I’m not sure what I was thinking).

I am giving a quote in a few days for a promo video for an artist who is trying to sell his work to famous type people (like Elton John). I am so looking forward to this project. I love doing weddings but seldom look forward to them like I am for this. Plus, it will be cool to have an audience with the rich and famous! πŸ˜€

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