compusolver Wrote:We just


compusolver Wrote:

We just had a discussion here about on-cam lighting, about a month ago, I think. You might check the Search link.

I use a 50 watt Bescor. It has barn doors and works great. Of course, I have to lug the heavy battery around (maybe six pounds or so). I bought a small backpack to hold the battery when I’m shoulder-mounted. Could probably jump-start my van with that thing. But the light is great. Good enough for solo light outdoors on a moonless night, yet doesn’t make people sheild their eyes and reach for their ID.

Someone was telling me they had a light that worked with the Sony VX-2100 batteries. Compact and lightweight. I’d like the see him try and jump-start his car with it though.

Cool, I’ll go search. Nothing special as far as lighting. When I was in school we experimented with lights and we had stationary pole lights with barn doors and everything. That’s just too much.

Why would you use a Sony when you can buy a JVC GY-HD100U progressive scan camera thats much better for around $4,700 Street price and then use the new HD version of final cut pro studio which as a student you can buy for much less, it would have everything you need and I think you could pick it up for around 8 or 900 dallars and still have $4,500 dallars left in your budget for what ever else you need. You could always go with avid express pro HD to, they also have student discounts.

If I didn’t have a budget, that’d be a consideration. The HDR-FX1 looks fantastic and costs 2/3 of what that does. Yipe, $4700 . . .

I must be missing something, because the Sony FX has a street price close to $3000 and is 1084i as opposed to 720p, right?

1080i @ 4:3 (1440×1080)

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