compusolver Wrote:Vendors


compusolver Wrote:

Vendors are one thing, but clients..well, that’s something altogether different.

I think you risk looking cheezy if you offer clients a referral fee. After all, who are they going to refer to you? Their friends, right? Well, wouldn’t you expect them to refer the best service they know of to their friends? Of course. And they already know about your work, right? So, by offering them a reward, it’s like saying "I know you don’t think I’m the best, but refer your friends to me anyway and I’ll pay you a bounty on each one who signs up."

If they liked your work, they’ll refer their friends to you. If you offer a kickback, that could sound offensive and cheezy.

I’ve been uncomfortable with the thought of referral fees and you have a gift of explaining things so well. Thanks.

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