compusolver Wrote:Two week


compusolver Wrote:

Two weeks ago, we were at the reception of a fairly large wedding when the bride broke into a seemingly impromptu version of "At Last". (I say "seemingly" because the DJ had the karaoke music ready, but I was totally unaware this would happen – even though our form asks for ALL events, singers, etc.)

As luck would have it, the DJ had done something to kill the audio to our digital recorder right before the events (happens about 20% of the time), so the shotgun mic had the only audio on this. Although Jean was within about ten feet of the bride, the speakers were so loud (and somewhat overloaded) that it was this sound that was captured.

What amazed me though was "At Last" is not an easy song to sing and this gal belted out a version that was arguably better than the original!

If all we’d had was our camera’s built-in mic, I think the bride would have been very disappointed. At least the shotgun captured the sound as good as it was heard by guests.

I use the venues sound board at almost every event and even after checking the audio myself, they seem to mess it up about 1 out of 3 times. Thats what the iRiver is for πŸ™‚

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