compusolver Wrote:Try to u


compusolver Wrote:

Try to use an external mic, and keep it within a foot or so of the speakers’ lips. A lav mic would probably be best. People tend to do bad things with handheld mics – talk with their hands and absent mindedly move the mic to far away while waving it around, or holding it so that it obscures part of their face, etc.

Don’t just shoot "talking heads". Once you’ve established the speaker, keep the audio going but switch video to photos, etc. that illustrate the subject being spoken of.

Once it’s in post, you may want to consider a little background music, animations, etc.

Have fun, but be careful – a bad video could get you demoted! X-D

thanks a lot. do you advice that i go with 16:9? im trying to think how should i start the video, do you have any advice how should i start it?

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