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compusolver Wrote:

The shoulder-mounted bracket thing, I bought from an ad in Videomaker magazine, but a warning – Sony VX-2100s are very front heavy and really aren’t made for shoulder mounts. We modified mine a bit and I get by OK with it, but it doesn’t feel as good as the C7, which is built for shoulder mounting.

Again – this isn’t going to work well unless camera or subject (preferably both) are in motion and parallel lines aren’t too visible.

I recently got a Varizoom Flowpod. They take a bit of setup and quite a bit of fooling around with before you even get to the “practice stage”. The weight of this rig will ensure you don’t shoot all day with it. I work out regularly and about five minutes holding this thing with just one arm and I’m ready for a long break.

We were actually probably looking at the HDR-FX1 rather than the VX2100. I just read that the max resolution is 1440×1080, which would be 1080p at 4:3, so we’ll probably have a 1280×720 master. No biggie.

E3 is 8, 9, and 7 hours on each respective day. What we would probably do is trade off every three and a half hours. There will probably be 6 of us going, so we’ll probably pair off as a camera man and the audio handler (mic guy) and then we can switch off like that, so probably no more than two hours of mount time a day.

I don’t know how heavy the HDR-FX1 is, but I read that cameras of this sort are around 4-6 pounds or so? That doesn’t seem so bad considering I was carrying around about 15-20 pounds of E3 swag on shoestring-equipped bags last year for 6 or 8 hours.

EDIT: The HDR-FX1 is 4.25lbs.

Would the Varizoom work with the FX1?

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