compusolver Wrote:That’s a


compusolver Wrote:

That’s a little like asking "what’s a good form of transportation?". It all depends upon the context – it could be a car, truck, bus, plane or boat.

In this case, a shotgun on a boompole would not be a good option for a wedding videographer, rodeo videographer, football, etc.

It wouldn’t work for many documentaries because it might make the subject feel uncomfortable.

For many scripted shoots, it would probably be fine.

And what do you mean by "stand alone"? No camcorder needed? No backup audio?

That’s why there are different kinds of audio capturing tools, because there are all kinds of unique circumstances that must be handled differently.

Ha, forgive me for the ambiguity πŸ˜€

I’m still doing my research and I’m looking at, among other things, HDR-HC3, which does not have adequate audio. I’m looking at getting a stand-alone digital recorder and recording scripted events indoor and outdoor, so shotgun is definately a necessity.

If I could get a better shotgun mic + recorder for $600, that’d be nice.

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